Rockdale School, Crawford Co., PA 1930-31

Rockdale School, Crawford Co., PA 1930-31

Rockdale School, Rockdale Township, Crawford County Pa. 3rd and 4th grades 1930-31

Back row left to right
Teacher Miss McKay, 1. Eva Macalley, 2. Betty McDuff, 3. Helen Muckinhop, 4. Rina Brown, 5. Lenora Marzka, 6. Eleanor Sweeney, 7._______, 8. Alice Mohney, 9. Jean Marzka, 10. Marjory Goldsmith

Second row
1. Walter Dine, 2. Donald Chapin, 3. Robert Watson, 4. William Morton, 5._____ Knuth, 6. Virgil Pettis, 7. Lawrence Marzka, 8. Paul Golias, 9. Frank Thomas, 10. Arvin Wescoat, 11. Homer Watson, 12. Gordon Willey

Front row seated
1. Margaret Leonard, 2. Billy Eaton, 3. Herbert Landers, 4. Arlene Jones, 5. Maddie Leslie, 6. Nancy Goldsmith, 7. Jane Pettis, 8. Katherine Wilcox, 9. Vera McLatchey, 10. Donald Marzka, 11. Louise Marzka

Additional Names

Back Row #7 Marjorie Finney
Second Roe #5 Raymond Knuth

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