Main Street School, Titusville, 7th Grade 1931-32

Main Street School, Titusville, 7th Grade 1931-32

Main Street School, 7th grade, Miss Nelson's home room, Junior High School 1931-1932. The school was located in Titusville, Crawford County, Pa.

The students as identified by Twila Bogardus Olson (spelling of the names may be slightly off):

1- Donald Ricke
2- George L (seated in front on left)
3- Gerald Eddie
4- Lillian Vosin
5- Twila Bogardus
6- Betty Crouch
7- Edward Henderson
8- Francis Demout
9- Victor D.
10- Francis Sitartz (maybe Sitartg)
11- Edna Bedow
12- Ruth White
13- Mary Beck
14- Dolores Row
15- Lenord O.
16- Edith Vanderhoff
17- Neva McFadden
18- Charles Mase
19- Madlyn Carpenter
20- Alfred Hoffmen
21- Archie Hood
22- Frank Howe
23- Kenneth Murphy
24- Moose Bloom
25- Francis R.
26- Matthew S.
27- Grant Vanderhoof
28- Caroline Smith
29- Hazel Hartwick
30- Eleanor Wakefield
31- Robert Wolfe
32- Russel R.

Know the last names of Russel R., Francis S. and the others that we just have a last initial? Please let Kathy know.

Submitted by Kathy Routt, photo from the collection of her grandmother Twila Bogardus Osten

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