John William Hartman Family

John William Hartman Family

Back Row, left to right,

Samuel Jackson Hartman b. 15 Oct. 1843 Clarion Co., PA d. 13 Jul 1921 Clarion Co., PA; Rebecca Hartman b. 29 Mar 1842 Clarion Co., PA d. 5 Jan 1914 Clarion Co., PA; Lewis Hartman b. 11 Mar 1841 Clarion Co., PA d. 27 May 1904 Clarion Co., PA.

Front Row, left to right,

Aaron Hartman b. 1 Aug. 1844 Clarion Co., PA d. 29 Dec 1924 Clarion Co., PA; Wm. Daniel Hartman b. 10 Aug 1838 Columbia Co., PA d. 2 Aug. 1913 Clarion Co., PA; Henry H. Hartman b. 14 Dec 1835 Columbia Co., PA d. 27 Jun 1901 Clarion Co., PA; Josiah Hartman b. 8 Apr 1837 Columbia Co., PA d. 13 Nov 1919 Clarion Co., PA.

Missing from photo: Elisha Hartman b. 2 July 1834 Columbia Co., PA d. 11 Apr 1882 Clarion Co., PA; Sarah Jane Hartman b. 1 Nov 1839 Columbia Co., PA d 6 Sept 1851 Clarion Co., PA; Jeremiah Hartman b 6 Mar 1845 Clarion Co., PA d. 1 Sept 1851 Clarion Co., PA.

Submitted by Cindy Hartman Thompson, great great great granddaughter of John Wm. and Susanna Fulmer Hartman, and great great granddaughter of Lewis and Ellen Humphrey Hartman

hartman family

Are all these the children of William Hartman and Susan Fulmer?

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