St. Mary's School, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Class of 1910

St. Mary's School, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Class of 1910

Class of 1910 at St. Mary's School, 167 George St., Pawtucket, Rhode Island Class of 1910

Agnes McCabe is the seventh student in the second row.

Graduates in the photograph: 46 Students, 27 Male & 19 Women. The submitter found 18 of the names, below, that were noted as graduating in 1910.

Parent Address at time of entry 1900
Willie Hayes Patrick 192 East Ave
Hubert Harrold Daniel 136 Pawtucket Ave.
Freddie Runan John 8 James St.
Mary E Kelley Mary 180 East Ave.
Frank Lennon Jr. John 57 Dunnel
Gertrude McKenna Edward 58 George St.
Helenia McKenna Patrick 426 Pawtucket Ave.
Kathleen McMahon Martin 182 Grace St.
Millie McKitchen William 108 Pine St
Leo Morrisey John 201 Pawtucket Ave.
Agnes McCabe Thomas 30 Sisson St.
Freddie McNabb Thomas 47 Pine St.
Catherine McNiff John 299 Lonsdale Ave.
Ester Hogan John 114 Quincy
John Dolan Lawrence 29 Patt St.
Harold Boyd John 45 Mulberry St.
Benedict Morrison John 16 Randall St.
Charles Wilbur Irving 40 Clyde St

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