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McNeely District 53 Tripp Co SD School Souvenir 1919

McNeely District 53 Tripp Co SD School Souvenir 1919

Souvenir Booklet from McNeely District #53 in 1919. McNeely is a township in Tripp County, SD.

Pages listing the School Board, teacher & pupils.

Mabel & Letha Patterson are the two youngest children of George H. Patterson and his first wife Hattie (Annie) Willey.

Etta, Naomi, and Ivan Patterson are the three oldest children of George H. Patterson and his second wife Emma Bartels.

Mabel Patterson was born March 2, 1903 and died August 29, 1996.
Letha Patterson was born June 4, 1905 and died September 3, 1984.
Etta Patterson survives.
Naomi Patterson was the submitter's grandmother, born June 10, 1910 and died May 2, 1994.
Ivan Patterson was born October 2, 1911 and died December 6, 1999.
Other Pupils: Albert Vobr, Ludvik Vobr, Richard Hoffman, Delbert Hoffman, Tillie Nagel, Elsie Nagel, Emil Steinke, Amalia Stenke, Peter Fischer, Willie Fischer, Leo Nagle, Freda Steinke, Eddie Fischer, Lavern Packebush, Selma Norland, Inger Norland, Helen Fischer, Rose Nagel Dale Packebush

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