Gus Pagel and Caroline Wolz Pagel

Gus Pagel and Caroline Wolz Pagel

Gustav "Gus" Pagel (1857-1923) and wife Caroline Wolz (1864-1951), abt 1900. Gus Pagel was the son of William Pagel and Dorothea Hemke, Caroline Wolz was the daughter of George and Johanna Katherina Wolz. They are buried in Frelsburg, Texas.

Submitted by Richard "Bud" Temple, Aliquippa, Pa., great grandson of Gus and Caroline Pagel

Gus Pagel and Caroline Wolz

I think I have a picture of Gus and Caroline in their later years. There is no name on the back; however, it says, "Grandpa Henry Wolz's sister." Henry Wolz was the father of Lee Wolz. I am scanning all the old pictures and would like to confirm that the picture I have is of Gus and Caroline.
Please email me and I will send you a copy of the picture in question.

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