Groveton, TX High School Class of 1931

Groveton, TX High School Class of 1931

Sitting on ground: Miss Mattie McClung

Seated, front row: unknown, Frieda Reese, Jessie Ramey, unknown, Carol Kenley, Marguerite James, Ruth Hickman, Helen Davis

Second row: unknown, Guy Powell, Doris Brannen, Floriette Burke, Helen Norsworthy, Ruth Standley, unknown, unknown, Vernie Trawick, unknown, Thelma Arnold, unknown, Baylous Rasbeary

Third row: I. W. R. Rogers, unknown, Lillie Midgley, unknown, Winifred Boyett, Hazel Keels, unknown, Eugene Ford

Back row: I. Cletus Powell, Morris Atmar, Morris Jones, Elmer Craven, unknown, David McComb, Reagan Follis

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