Wilburn Joseph Wilkinson

Wilburn Joseph Wilkinson

Section of the 1926 group photo of the firemen of Beaumont Fire Department. My grandfather is in the center. I do not know the names of the other 2 firemen.

For the entire photo, see: http://www.texashistoryhunter.net/bmt_firefighters.html

BFD Picturess

Enjoyed your pictures of BFD. My grandfather was Austin J. Manuel. He was First Asst. Fire Chief in 1965, at the time of his death ( Aug 16 th ). He & Hart Burwick
were going to lunch & stopped for a train. My grandfather suffered a massive carinary & died there. In his time he was the youngest Captain ever at the BFD. He also went to Detroit & purchased one of the earliest motorized fire trucks. I have a couple of the old rolled group pictures like yours. Also Pete Shelton is my Godfather. I'm sure our grandfathers were friends for many years.

Austin Fontenot

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