Rockdale, Texas High School Class of 1930

Rockdale, Texas High School Class of 1930

Photographed when they were freshmen in 1927.

In the class: Carrol Hardie, Blanche Underwood, Lennel Walker, Anna Laurie Hutson, Jessie Lee Bankston, Zella Winslett, Buford Dobbs, Elzie Middleton, Warren Bunting, Edna Atchinson, Shelby Smith, Harry Wayne Phillips, Jessie Mae Linder, Winnie Childs, Alma Scarbrough, Avis Williams, Jewel Peterson, Fred H. Graves, Jimmie Talley, Vera Posey, Elizabeth Pickens, Iris Fleming, Louise Lewis, Eunice Sweaks

Miss Irene Knopp is also in the photograph.

Photo from the 1927 Lair Yearbook of Rockdale High School

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