McMurry College, Abilene, Texas 1959 Band

McMurry College, Abilene, Texas 1959 Band

In the band (and probably in the photograph): Midge Adair, D. P. Ammons, John Bailey, Jackie Braley, Gene Bruce, Ann Bynum, Charles Carr, Lyneve Chapman, Jan Collier, Wanda Cook, Billie Davis, Sara Fomby, Basil Foy, Marilyn Gilliland, Sara Greer, Kay Grewell, Caleb Hillegrand, Ernestine Hofman, Gloria Houston, Kay Kinnard, Gail Lacy, Brent Lasater, Rosalyn Lewis, Maedell Long, Jimmy Massey, Judy Mathis, Carol McClellan, J. Weldon Moore, Audrey Ann Ochs, Bill Parrish, Connie Patterson, Homer Payne, Annelle Popalio, Rebecca Ray, John Rosenburg, Lee South, Bill Spencer, Anita Squires, Ann Stone, Elizabeth Strech, Larry Sullivan, Jerry Tate, Milton Underwood, Don Waters, Mary Beth White, Butch Wood, Ken Worsham, Gene Young.

Photo from the 1959 Yearbook of McMurry College

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