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Rotan, TX High School Class of 1950

Rotan, TX High School Class of 1950

First row: Quincy Adams - President; Joe Bob Martin - Vice President; Eva McCright - Treasurer; Erma Branch - Secretary

Second row: May Dry, Mattie Curry, Mary Kiker, Bobbie Walker, Bobbie Stephenson, Jo Matthews, Betty Whitefield, Patsy Kiker, Wanda Allen, Lillie Weems, Patsy Cresswell, Melvin McGrew, Billy Morgan, Winnie Gruben, Maxine Jenkins

Third row: Donelle McCombs, Bernard Weems, Tennie Kennedy, Virgil Weems, Marvin O'Briant, Dick Railsback, Jimmy Huckaby, Pat Shipp, Robert Martinez, Barbara Huckaby, June McCombs, Sue Eaton, Annie Morrow, Ernest Roberts

Fourth row: Wayne Porter, Joyce Boen, W. C. Ashton, Archie Rivers, Bobbie Cobb, Winston Smith, Kenneth Clark, Miss Jo Heathington - Sponsor, C. B. Waggoner, Annie Lou Godwin, Jack Callan, Ted Patton, H. F. Railsback - Sponsor

Fifth row: Bob Scales, Charles Taylor

Photo from the 1950 Yearbook of Rotan High School

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