Ida, Iva, and Eva

Ida, Iva, and Eva

Three little maids - three unknown girls.

I bought this old post card in the Elyria, OH area and would love to find out who the little girl pictured are. They are obviously triplets from the early 20th century.

Do you recognize them? Please let me know.

Submitted by Susan Runyon and her cousin Nancy Fogle

Ida Iva Eva Hanna

Were from St. Augustine florida. you have your self a nice little find and possible because of who might have photographed it you might have a nice chunk of change on your hands. go to this site to learn more.

these are little girls was

these are little girls was part of my family ....they was very famous ...

my Grandmother Laura's Mother and her triplet sisters, their names were Eva, Ida, Iva, they grew up to become professional entertainers in Vaudeville. So this is my Great Grandmother and Great Aunts.

Wow.....these are great

Wow.....these are great great aunts of mine. Nice picture!

These little girls are my Great Aunts

These little girls are my Great Aunts, they were my Grandmother's sisters, Frank Wendt took the photo, their names were Eva, Iva, Ida.

hanna sisters

Ida May Hanna, Eva May Hanna, & Iva E. Hanna were born in Buffalo NY 29 Sep 1906

Ida Iva and Eva the Hanna Triplets

If you look them up on google you should be able to find out much more infromation, Hope this helps!


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