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Possibly Davis or Farr

Davis or Farr, unknown children

Would be very interested to know where this photo is; who took it? My Roger Wilcoxen Farr ancestor was married to Elizabeth Davis, dau of Benjamin Davis. They lived in Fairfax, VA ca 1825/30. The child on the left looks like me as a child.

Davis or Farr, unknown children

This picture was in a trunk of old items owned by my paternal grandmother, Birdie Davis-Putman. Her mother was Sarah D. Farr-Davis. Her husband, James Davis, was married to another lady prior to this marrage and had 3 daughters, Polina b. 1860, Sarah b. 1862 and Mary b. 1866. I am wondering if this could be those 3 girls. There is nothing written on the back of the photo. Would love to hear more from you.

What area would these

What area would these Davis/Farr's possibly have been from?


Davis or Farr, unknown children


my family is from the Grand

my family is from the Grand Rapids/ Grandville, Michigan area

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