Unknown Man and Woman


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Hartman Family

CHARLES RUSSELL HENMAN, son of John Russell Henman and Elizabeth M. Fuler Henman, brother of John Valentine Henman and Lanie Henman,
married DELLA CLEONA WALKER, dau. of Samuel E. Walker and Davie Della Briscoe Walker, siser of Henry Gage Walker, Albert Walker, Ida Walker, and Sammie Walker, on Nov. 26, 1896, in Lou., Ky.

They had issue: 1. THELMA LORAIN HENMAN,
born July 12, 1898, at Lou., Ky.

born Jan. 29, 1901 at Lou., Ky.

THELMA LORAIN HENMAN, dau. of Charles Russell Henman and Della Walker Henman, married ROBERT EMMETT McGALIN, born Feb. 26, 1900. Son of Emmett McGalin and Anna Reichert McGalin on Oct. 23, 1926. (Robert Emmit McGalin, brother of Charles Edward McGalin and Mary Louise McGalin Hartman.)

This lady looks like she could be part of our family considering the above information. Traces back to our John Valentine Fuller.

Posted by Cindi Spencer (not verified) on 14 August 2011 - 8:58pm