Keck Store

Keck Store

Dont know where or who these men are, But
on the store says Keck

Keck Photo

I think it's the town of Keck in Breathitt County KY

Keck Photo

It actually looks like it says Keck Bros on the window.

I am going to have my dad

I am gonig to have my dad check this out because we have a close family friend by the name of Michael Keck. I think this is very interesting. I will let you know!

Spring Ryden

Keck Store

Met a woman in my genealogy meeting who is looking for Keck's, but hers are from Pennsylvania. Any connection?

there is also a kecks store

there is also a kecks store in Weleetka oklahoma
and it has been there since my father was born
he is in his 70's

Weleetka Oklahoma

The Keck store in Weleetka was ownd by my G- Uncle
And if his dauther is still living she is keeping it open

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