Milton High School, Milton, VT Glee Club 1945

Milton High School, Milton, VT Glee Club 1945

Front row, left to right: Barbara Duffy, Carolyn Duffy, Barbara Holden, Bessie Varney, Virginia Leech, Beverly Ryan, Barbara Paradee, Shirley Gordon, Joyce Bushey, Doris Lafayette.

Second row, Lenora Lambert, Lutherine Rocque, Martha Horican, Natalah Trayah, Alice Towne, Lorraine Santor, Anna Jordan, Joyce Boudreau, Elizabeth Paradee, Elaine Dubuque, Helen Laughlin.

Third row: Eileen O'Donnell, Betty Chamberlain, Shirley Tourville, Arlene Littlefield, Jean Nattress, Marlene Cadreact, Theresa Blow, Ethel Lane, Katherine Bluto, Joanna Cadreact

Fourth row: Clarice Quebec, Mary Holcombe, Mrs. Hobbs, Paul Savard, Neil Towne, Allyn Chapin, Arnold Bushey, Ralph Bushey, Emerson Melayen, Grace Brown, Eleanor Smith, Esther Blow, Evangeline Bluto

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