Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Virginia Baseball Team 1942

Staunton Military Academy, Staunton, Virginia Baseball Team 1942

Staunton Military Academy Baseball Team, Staunton, VA, 1942, with Bob Savage of the Philadelphia Athletics (A's) Baseball Team.

Top Row, left to right, Lieutenant Walter C. Smith, Thomas P. Wilson, C. Adolph Null, George H. Fox Jr., Clifford E. Artis, John R. Muse, Kenneth Frye, James M. Lindsay, and Major Harrison Dey.

Middle Row, left to right, Edward L. Dodge, Lawrence Riker Jr., James Rhodes, Bob Savage, John L. Schmidt Jr., Theodore J. Tanner, and George Dunbar.

Front Row, left to right, Hugh W. Brown, Charles R. Kelly Jr., Warren S. Jungerheld, Ralph R. Jiorle, and Gurson G. Zeidman.

The Shrapnel had this to say about the baseball team:

"The 1942 Baseball Team, under the coaching of Major Dey and Lieutenant Smith, had another successful season. Captain of this year's Blue and Gold team was Bob Savage.

The Blue and Gold opened its season against Fishburne Military Academy, and with Savage's fine pitching, and with the support of his teammates, Staunton was victorious (14 to 0).

The Staunton's nine then met the University of Virginia

Freshmen. S.M.A. was once again the victor under Savage by the score of 6 to 0.Next was the contest between Hargrave on S.M.A.'s home field, where Staunton, continuing its winning streak, defeated them, 16 to 0."

Photograph from the 1942 Shrapnel yearbook of Staunton Military Academy.

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