Richmond College, Richmond, VA Class of 1913

Richmond College, Richmond, VA Class of 1913

Class of 1913 when they were Juniors in 1912.

Class Members: Walter Moncure Acree, Charles R. Angell, Mary Florence Barnes, Richard L. T. Beale, G. W. J. Blume, Phebe W. Brugh, Ashby B. Carter, Benjamin J. Coffman, James J. Coleman, Earl Crowell, Burt Lincoln Dickinson, Helen Galeski, John Alonza George, Odis Benjamin Hinnant, Frank B. Hart, Ernest W. Koontz, Livius Lankford Jr., Lenoir V. Lee, Eugene B. Loving, William T. Luck, Marion Lester Mintz, William J. Moll, Jesse Hartwell Moore, Edward V. Peyton, Alfred T. Pitt, Oswald Guy Poarch, Ellis C. Primm, Louise Agnes Reams, William Francis Saunders, Haynie Hatchett Seay Jr, Mary Virginia Sydnor, Benjamin Percy Tillery, Edgar Tiller, Wortley Warren Townsend, Charles W. Trainham Jr., Dorsey G. Tyler, R. W. Vaughan, John Jordan Wicker Jr, W. B. Wiley, R. B. Wilson

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