Eleanor Crossley

Eleanor Crossley

Senior at Newport News High School, Newport News, VA in 1923. She was "Cutest".

Photo from the Newport News High School, The Beacon June 1923 yearbook.

Do you know of a Andrew (or

Do you know of a Andrew (or other) Crossley who lived in Virginia around 1840 and moved to Mississippi? He left to establish a plantation there.

HI family

my gandpa como fron uk , his name is George william Crossley ,I live in South Amerika, my mother called daisy Crossley, I studied fine arts (painting), I would very much like to join my uncles and cousins with relatives, are interested in finding out whether relatives in the end of the world, send an email to rodolfolasen@gmail.com, thanks

related to George William Crossley

My great grandfather was a George William Crossley from England, born in 1854. He had 5 children. What was your father's name?

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