Colfax, Washington High School Class of 1915

Colfax, Washington High School Class of 1915

Photographed when they were sophomores in 1913.

In the class (and probably in the photograph):

Matt Walker, Merwyn Harper, Stanley Marek, Orgie Spack, Wilbur Wilhelm, Verne Nesbitt, Howard Short, David Taggart, Sadie Hunter, Clara Chausse, Ruth Chapman, Roy Troub, Irene Tolifaro, Don Ross, Gerald Miller, Jesse Evans, Patty Donnelly, Ruby Newton, Julia Marek, Winifred Wyman, Margaret Larue, Clyde Kneale, Doris Morley, James Cairns, Merton Parker, Gail Taggart, Doris Nordyke, Marie Newman, Dorothy Millgard, Dorothy Chamberlain, Jeanette Schriber, Edward Stevens, Hazel Gosney, Max Brabebill, Jesse Duchemin, Orville Slate, Willie Sutherland, Ruth Wheeler, Lela Lawrence, Paul Morrison, Dessie Lewis, Clay Parr, Traca Chapman, Mae Kincaid, Leona Stilson

Photo from the 1913 Blue & Gold Yearbook of Colfax High School

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