Unknown Woman, Augusta, Wisconsin

Unknown Woman, Augusta, Wisconsin

Photo of unknown woman. Photographer: Drowatzky, Augusta, Wisconsin


From about 1898-99, judging by the clothes.

Drowatzky photo

I have a baby photo of a relative, also from Drowatzky of Augusta. It is stamped with additional Drowatzky locations in Fairchild and Osseo. In my genealogy, this child was born in 1901, so your dating is probably close to accurate. My photo is mounted in a cardboard frame, and the imprint of the Drowatzky name is ornate, script but not like your's. My photo(s) is on my Ancestry Family History. Search for Theodore Person born 1901. It will be in the Person Family 2011 genealogy. LP

I am a Drowatzky. the crazy

I am a Drowatzky. the crazy thing is i found Drowatzkys on FaceBook, and dont know a single soul They are all out west, and I am from the east coast. All I know is that my father lives on the east coast. and my name came from my grandfathers. My first and middle, and of course my last. and When i started talking to the Drowatzkys from out west, they never heard of me either. so, yes i would like 2 know who this lady is

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