Seymour High School Class of 1931

Seymour High School Class of 1931

Raymond Krahn, Elsie Schmidt, Edward Fitzgerald, Margaret Freund, Wayne Hilligas, Ruth Barclay, Mildred Burmeister, Lorna Rusch, Evelyn Schroeder, Roger Falck, Marie Schaumberg, George Wassenberg, Edith Klahn, Ernest Melchert, Gladys Krohlow, Helen Dombrowski, Frank Piehl, Marcella Kailhofer, Eleanor Kasten, Helen Eisenrich, Roger Rusch, Arline Thornberry, Beatrice Zuiches, Lucille Stritzel, Lucille Wussow, Ethel Seyler, Fred Tubbs, Elsmere Conklin, Ivo Huettle, Verla Helms, William Piehl, Olive Beckman, Melvin Timmers, Arthur Koepp, Wilmina Ward, Robert Wolk, Ethel Sherman

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