Ida Outzen Skala

Ida Outzen Skala

Ida OUTZEN m1905 Joseph W. SKALA

1880 Pierce\Kewaunee\WI CENSUS:

Lorenz OUTZEN - Birth: 1836 PRUSSIA Wilhelmina ? - Wife Birth: 1859 PRUSSIA


Ida OUTZEN - Birth: 1880 WI

1880 Carlton\Kewaunee\WI CENSUS:

Luiki OUTZEN - Birth: 1834 SHLESWIG

M. Christina OUTZEN - Wife Birth: 1837 SHLESWIG


Ch. Ida OUTZEN - Birth: 1869 WI

L. Margaretha OUTZEN - Birth 1870 WI

Albina OUTZEN - Birth: 1878 WI


Andreas OUTZEN - Birth: 1838 SCHLESWIG

Engelburg OUTZEN - Birth: 1814 SCHLESWIG

From the Catherine Heffernen Moore Albums.

Catherine Heffernen-Moore (1874.WI-1958.OR daughter of Michael) taught school in Kewaunee County, WI and after 1906 in Snohomish County, WA for many decades.

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