John E. Cashman and John Jr

John E. Cashman and John Jr

John E. CASHMAN & John JR c1915

John CASHMAN LIVED:1880:Franklin Twp. Kewaunee Co. WI
-1 John E. CASHMAN NOV1865.WI-1946 Irish Parents
married Sophie Marie DUAIME (DEC1876.WI\FR.Canada\FR -Canada-1907)
BURIED:St.James\Cooperstown WI

--- John SOUTHARD JAN1899.NY\NY\NY …Adopted son – Perhaps same as
-1-1 John CASHMAN JR c1900WI-

Probably related to O’BRIENS:

Patrick J. O’BRIEN MAR1864.WI\IR\IR LVD:1900:Franklin\Kewaunee\WI
Barbara CASHMAN JAN1825.Austria\
Aust\Aust Mother-in-Law

From the Catherine Heffernen Moore Albums.

Catherine Heffernen-Moore (1874.WI-1958.OR daughter of Michael) taught school in Kewaunee County, WI and after 1906 in Snohomish County, WA for many decades.

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